CarbonCurb Orientation

Without greenhouse gases (GHGs), Earth's average surface temperature would be approximately 0 °F. The current average surface temperature of about 60 °F is held in delicate balance by greenhouse gasses, which are trace gases comprising less than one-tenth of 1% of Earth's atmosphere. Not surprisingly, overloading the natural balance of GHGs in our atmosphere directly affects global temperature.

It is important to gain a sense of the scale of human activity on a planetary level. There are close to 8 billion humans on our green, brown, and blue spaceship. Together we float, vulnerably, through space and time. Our planet's equatorial circumference is approximately 25,000 miles or over 40,000 kilometers. If all humans were to stand in a single-file line on the Earth's equator we would encircle our planet more than 100 times.


If the inhabitable areas of the 150,000,000 square kilometers of land on Earth were divided equally, each human would own a modest 100 by 100-meter area, about the size of a soccer field. You could run to your nearest neighbors in seconds. If humans were distributed evenly over the entire planet (across the continents and oceans) we would still be within earshot of each other.

In other words, we're at capacity. We have expanded from our islands of civilization and today seek to protect our remaining islands of wilderness. The Earth no longer seems so vast. As a global body, we humans have made monumental achievements and have far surpassed the threshold of survival, revealing to the planet the potential of nature and of a species. Nevertheless, to truly prove our intelligence we must show we have a reasonable global consciousness and become less nearsighted. Efficiency and conservation will be crucial. To prove that our global body isn't subject to fate we must acknowledge the fallacy of perpetual economic growth, dissociate our happiness from materialism, and combat climate change and environmental degradation as a unified international force through individual, incremental adjustments. The secret is individual change!


Think of how many people you know who are concerned about the climate crisis yet continue making minimal sacrifices, using single-use containers, driving a mile or less when walking or biking is an option, and keeping their homes at that perfect temperature year-round. The CarbonCurb actions have tangible benefits and help you understand the actual impact of each change you are willing to make. You are responsible for your emissions, and we can't rely purely on future societal, political, and technological shifts. Look to yourself for the climate solution, now!

CarbonCurb is organized by series. Water Heating is the first CarbonCurb series. Each series and action is presented in terms of CO2 saved annually for the typical American, and accounts for the interrelationships of the actions to avoid double counting. If you create your CarbonCurb profile (coming soon) you can see your personal emissions reductions compared to the average American's. Keep in mind, the average American has roughly twice the carbon footprint of the average European and three times the carbon footprint of the average human. If you become a member and create a profile, you can interactively accept individual actions, reduce your emissions, and understand your personal footprint and the high-emission areas of your lifestyle. The savings we estimate are dependent on an array of conservative assumptions carefully derived from a multitude of databases, studies, publications, and other resources. We use our proprietary footprint and action calculator (currently in development) to inform you of impactful changes you can easily make. Are you ready to begin? Create your CarbonCurb member profile.