We offer a unique 1-2-3 solution for climate-conscious individuals.

1) Calculate your footprint.
2) Reduce your carbon emissions with our 30 actions.
3) Eliminate the remainder of your footprint through our offset subscription program.

*Coming soon. Currently in production.

Footprint Visual 2022 (4).JPG

A visual of the average American's yearly carbon footprint.

Do you know how much carbon dioxide (CO2) you are responsible for being emitted? The figure above is a visual of the average American's annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Nearly every activity, commute, purchase, and decision you make affects your contribution to GHG emissions and global warming.


CarbonCurb empowers individuals to eliminate their carbon footprints by altering their behavior and offsetting their remaining emissions. Our recommended actions benefit the climate and your wallet. A smaller carbon footprint requires a lower-cost lifestyle. The money you save with our recommended actions will more than cover the cost of becoming carbon neutral through our offset subscription program. Watch the video above to learn more, then get started by calculating your footprint!