Our Mission

CarbonCurb's mission is to help you lower your personal GHG emissions by providing you a precise estimate of your annual carbon footprint, as well as the impact of changes you are willing to make to reduce your footprint. Additionally, we seek to empower all individuals to contribute to the necessary climate revolution. If you sign up and create a profile (coming soon pending a successful Kickstarter campaign), you can have a personalized user experience. CarbonCurb has carefully identified and researched several key "actions" that will each have a direct impact on your carbon footprint. If you adopt all 30 of the CarbonCurb Actions, you can reduce your annual GHG emissions by over a third. To put that into perspective, the typical American can prevent more than 6 metric tons (over 13,000 pounds) of CO2 from entering our atmosphere each year by adopting all 30 CarbonCurb actions.  

Together we can achieve mid-century carbon reduction needs. This is not possible, however, if we do not hold ourselves accountable for our personal contributions to global warming. We must band together as climate warriors, recognize behavior change is the most lethal near-range weapon in the climate battle, and kickstart an American climate revolution. We encourage you to proceed to the Savings and Orientation pages, and to continue on to the Actions, beginning with Series 1. We also encourage you to share CarbonCurb with your friends, family, and co-workers, and to consider purchasing the book, How to Be a Climate Warrior (also coming soon pending a successful Kickstarter campaign). Strengthen your role in the climate battle. Adopt the CarbonCurb lifestyle. We wish you the absolute best, fellow Warrior. Warmly,

The CarbonCurb Team