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Our Mission offers a practical and evolving tool for climate-conscious individuals. You can use this website to calculate your unique carbon footprint, reduce your footprint with the 30 actions, and encourage others to do the same. Our personal carbon footprint calculator provides you a precise estimate of your annual emissions and the impact of changes you are willing to make.

At CarbonCurb, we view energy and resource conservation through behavior change as the most impactful and underutilized climate solution in the United States. However, encouraging behavior change to reduce emissions is just one part of our broader mission. We also empower individuals to contribute to broader climate solutions through community and political engagement, among other initiatives. The book, Be a Climate Warrior, supports our broader mission and also serves as a deeper dive into the 30 actions on this website.

Together we can achieve mid-century carbon reduction and sustainability needs. However, this is unlikely to happen if we do not hold ourselves accountable for our personal contributions to global warming and ecological degradation, while pushing for systemic change. We must band together as climate warriors and kickstart a climate revolution. We encourage you to proceed to the Savings and Actions pages, and to continue on to Series 1. We also encourage you to share CarbonCurb with your friends, family, and co-workers, and to consider purchasing the book, Be a Climate Warrior. Strengthen your role in the climate battle. Adopt the CarbonCurb lifestyle. Small steps, smaller footprints. We're all in this together. Warmly,

The CarbonCurb Team

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