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Book release:
Accepting a Necessary Cultural Shift

Published Dec 10th, 2023
Indies United Publishing House, LLC

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A word from the author and CarbonCurb Founder, Eric Wright:

Be a Climate Warrior is an information-driven, nonfiction book about climate change and American society. It is a motivational climate change toolkit that provides individuals guidance for how to contribute to broader climate initiatives while reducing their own carbon footprints. The book casts a blacklight over one’s life and their connection to society, illuminating the carbon-scrubbing opportunities that lurk everywhere.


The book contains two primary elements. Half of the chapters include excerpts and stories that are designed to empower individuals to establish broader roles in the climate battle. Some of these excerpts and stories are, for example, an introduction to the physical scale of the Earth's climate system and society's emissions, a toolkit for communicating with climate deniers, a story about the corruption within Missouri state government and the implications for the coal industry in the United States, and a message from a centenarian who is a lifelong environmentalist and historian.


The other chapters present 30 recommended actions which contain practical advice for how the average American can reduce their individual carbon footprint by roughly 40%. These 30 recommended actions are the detailed version of the 30 actions presented here on, where you can use our online carbon footprint calculator to calculate your unique personal emissions and interactively reduce them. As two parts of your climate toolkit, makes the book more interactive, while the book serves as a much deeper well of information, inspiration, and motivation.


Overall, Be a Climate Warrior delivers a broader message inspiring the reader to interface with society for the benefit of our climate. You can embark on the journey of becoming a climate warrior by altering your lifestyle, confronting corporations, and becoming more politically engaged. Small steps, smaller footprints. We're all in this together. 




"Empowering, actionable, and urgent, this book is a beacon of hope for those determined to make a difference. Author Eric Wright skillfully navigates the complex landscape of climate change, presenting readers with 30 tangible action items that transcend rhetoric and inspire real change. Interspersed with each call to action chapter are poignant excerpts and stories that ignite the reader's passion for environmental stewardship. The book doesn't preach; it equips readers with the tools to become focused and productive in the fight against climate change.

What sets this book apart is its commitment to ongoing success. 'Climate Warrior' offers a dynamic online platform with additional resources, fostering a community of like-minded individuals. This comprehensive approach ensures readers absorb the information and actively contribute to the global movement. A must-read for anyone ready to transform concern into impactful action, this book is a roadmap to becoming a true climate warrior."

About the author:

Eric Wright developed a passion for nature and the environment while growing up in the rural Midwest. He received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Atmospheric Science from the University of Missouri, after which he attended North Carolina State University to complete his Master’s in Climate Change and Society.  Today Eric is an author and renewable energy and carbon market research analyst. In parallel with his career, he founded CarbonCurb to help individuals reduce their footprints and interface with society for the benefit of our climate. His diverse background in earth science, policy, consulting, and energy and environmental commodity markets has enabled him to bring this book to life and offer individuals a holistic tool to assist them in their climate endeavors. When Eric isn’t working to help solve climate change, he can be found hiking on the trail, foraging in the woods, playing guitar, or simply observing some minutiae of nature.

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