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The Book:
Be a Climate Warrior

Coming soon (H2 2023)

A word from the author and CarbonCurb Founder, Eric Wright:


Be a Climate Warrior is an information-driven, nonfiction book about climate change and American society. It is a motivational climate change toolkit designed to provide individuals guidance for how to reduce their own carbon footprint while contributing to other climate initiatives. The book casts a blacklight over one’s life and their connection to society, illuminating the carbon-scrubbing opportunities that lurk everywhere.


The book contains two primary elements. Half of the chapters present a detailed version of CarbonCurb's 30 recommended actions, which contain practical advice for how the average American can reduce their individual carbon footprint by 40%. The other chapters include excerpts and stories which are designed to empower individuals to establish broader roles in the climate battle. Some of these excerpts and stories are, for example, an introduction to the physical scale of the Earth's climate system and society's emissions, a toolkit for communicating with climate deniers, a story about the corruption within Missouri state government and the implications for the coal industry in the United States, and a message from a centenarian who is a lifelong environmentalist and historian. Overall, this book delivers a broader message inspiring others to join the great effort to accelerate climate solutions in America and beyond.


There have been several phases in my continuous development as a climate scientist. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Atmospheric Science at the University of Missouri. After that, I attended North Carolina State University to complete my Master’s in Climate Change and Society. I have since become a Senior Research Analyst focused on renewable energy development, emissions, and carbon markets. In parallel with my career and CarbonCurb, I have been working on this book to help individuals reduce their carbon footprints and interface with society for the benefit of our climate. I believe my diverse background in earth science, policy, and energy and environmental commodity markets has afforded me an opportunity to bring a practical, meaningful, and timely book to life.


I hope you too will embark on the journey of becoming a climate warrior. Small steps, smaller footprints. We're all in this together. Warmly,


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