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Earth Day 4/22/22 Kickstarter Campaign

Click the Kickstarter logo below to access the campaign page.


This is the commemorative page honoring all of the Kickstarter Project Backers who supported CarbonCurb in 2022. CarbonCurb thanks each and every one of the supporters listed on this page for their generous contributions. These individuals, companies, and organizations successfully crowdfunded the publication of a book and development of a unique carbon footprint calculator for individuals, transforming our website into a dynamic, interactive, personal carbon awareness experience. They are true climate warriors!

The CarbonCurb Kickstarter Campaign Backers:

Amanda Nowacki
Anne Schmidt
Babu Bangaru
Bev Williams
Carol Wright
Cassie Kaiping
Christina Gasserscotte
Daniel Hemstreet
Elizabeth Wright
Gordon Huth
Grant Wright
Greg Callahan
Hooker Lowe
J Harrison
Janet Beinke
Jessi Elder
Jim Fieser
Jody Woodward
Julie Willis
Karen and David Durham
Karla Hitchcock
Ken and Fran Evans
Kevin Lally
Lauren Wright
Lea Gebhardt
Lisa Paulson
Mason Brobeck
Michael McNulty
Michael Mitchell
Mitchell Brown
Mollie Harrison
Paul Smith
Reliable Sanitation Service, Inc.
Richard McDermott
Ron Ancell
Russell Durrett
Ryan Casey
Roshan Wariar
Sammy Fieser
Sarah Meng
Scott Sloan
Scott Wright
Sharon Brahmbhatt
Steve Brokaw
The Creative Fund
Will Sutton

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