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The Climate Warrior Movement

We are standing on the shoulders of 300 years of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion. In an economy where nearly every product or service has some amount of embedded carbon, it will take millions of individuals working together to infiltrate all industries and transform our systems of production. Everyone has the potential to do something during their career to help combat global warming and environmental degradation, regardless of your title or field of work. Unfortunately, there is an unmet need within business, government, media, education, and other sectors for professionals who are focused on the nexus of climate change and their respective industries. Joining the Climate Warrior Movement means you are committed to contributing to the mass restructuring of the economy to help offer our planet a sigh of relief.

If you are passionate about climate change and seek a higher purpose, you are qualified to join the Climate Warrior Movement. By entering this sphere, you vow to join an alliance and contribute to a larger effort – a battle of societal transformation through individual contribution.

Being part of the Climate Warrior Movement means you are actively fighting to transform society, while projecting to the world around you that you are personally and professionally committed to bringing climate solutions to fruition. You and your fellow climate warriors are responsible for accelerating emission reductions for the benefit of society. We can consistently leverage our careers, knowledge, abilities, opportunities, and connections to effectuate change in the world around us, help deploy climate solutions at scale, and mitigate specific threats to our climate.


The three directives of the Climate Warrior Movement:
1) Become a vessel of knowledge about climate change and society. 

2) Act on your knowledge by reducing your footprint and voting. 

3) Be an engaged warrior who contributes to broader solutions and effects change in others.

Alongside adopting the 30 actions on CarbonCurb, climate warriors remain engaged socially, professionally, and politically, and contribute to the Climate Warrior Movement by targeting threats inhibiting rapid emission reductions, such as: 

  • Your own personal decisions and lifestyle choices that unnecessarily contribute to your footprint.

  • Individuals who acknowledge the climate crisis but neglect to assimilate this understanding into their lives by focusing on their own impact and altering their behavior in a climate-positive manner.

  • Individual climate deniers interacted with in everyday life.

  • News networks, organizations, and think tanks backed by and/or supporting fossil interests.

  • Statutes, policies, and rules inhibiting climate mitigation and adaptation at local, state, national, and international levels.

  • Politicians, personalities, and other public figures contributing to climate disinformation, misinformation, and obstructionism of climate legislation.

  • Corporations and industries dodging regulations, evading penalization, degrading the environment, engaging in nefarious lobbying activities, and failing to disclose and reduce their emissions and ecological impacts.

  • Educational institutions and systems failing to invest adequate resources to provide sufficient and accurate climatological and societal information to children and young adults at all grade levels.

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