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The CarbonCurb Savings

carbon footprint breakdown.png


CarbonCurb has estimated the average annual per capita carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions in the United States to be 16 metric tons (MT). 16 MT is equal to 16,000 kg, or more than 35,000 pounds. That is an astonishing amount of pollution per person. The 30 CarbonCurb actions will help you reduce this pollution.


Each action was selected considering weighted factors of cost, convenience, environmental benefit, and greenhouse gas emission reduction potential. Adopting all 30 of the CarbonCurb actions saves the average American over 6 MT of CO2, or nearly 40% of their annual emissions. By taking the CarbonCurb journey and being a climate warrior, you can significantly reduce your contribution to global warming and other environmental issues.

It might not be feasible for you to complete every action, but it is worth noting most actions can be easily implemented at zero or negative cost (meaning they will actually save you money). With every action you adopt, your lifestyle becomes less carbon-intensive and more affordable.


We have pulled together data and information to motivate and empower individuals to reduce emissions through behavior change and other initiatives. Look below at the difference in your annual emissions before and after CarbonCurb. Is this worth it to you? We believe in you!

actions before after average human.png
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