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CarbonCurb Action 7 - Airdry Laundry


There is a long list of reasons why line drying or drying your clothes on a drying rack is superior to using a mechanical dryer. When you pull lent out of the lint trap in your dryer, you are cleaning out the damage that was just done to your clothes. The heat and abrasion of a dryer shorten the life of your clothes. Letting your clothes hang to dry will avoid this unnecessary damage and prevent your clothes from withering and shrinking. Letting your clothes hang also reduces wrinkles! Just be sure to give your clothes a good shake before you hang them up to dry. The weight of your wet clothes will leave them wrinkle-free by the time they are dry. This is not always the case with dryers. You may actually save time by not having to iron so much. If you're lucky enough to have space to line dry your clothes outside, take advantage of all the sunny days you can. The sun's UV rays will actually sanitize your clothes. If you hang your clothes up to dry inside during the winter, you'll increase the humidity of your home, which is desirable. Natural drying systems come in varieties including wall-mounted, foldable, portable, ceiling-mounted, and customizable just to name a few. Go check it out! By letting your clothes hang dry, you'll save lots of money by avoiding the energy and the coins. You'll also prevent over 100 kg of CO2 from entering our atmosphere, annually. The impact of committing to Action 7 is: 

Annual Savings:
105 kg CO2e
0.6% of your GHGs

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