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CarbonCurb Action 4 - Take Colder Showers


Energy isn't the only concern when taking hot showers. Hot water is actually unhealthy for your skin because it dries it out, causes damage, and promotes bacterial growth, increasing your chances of infection and causing your skin to overproduce oils. Your showers don't need to be cold; they don't even need to be cool, just taking a mild shower will have a big impact. One thing that is certain is that your showers do not need to be hot. If you find it impossible to reduce the temperature of your showers, consider showering immediately after you work out, as hot water will seem less appealing.


Similarly, you can reduce your hot water consumption in the kitchen by acknowledging that your dishes don't need hot water. Many common dishwashing liquids effectively sanitize your pots and pans using water at room temperature. You know, humans made it to the moon, so don't you find it highly likely we've developed a dish soap that works at lower temperatures? Action 4 is about reflecting on your hot water usage and identifying ways to limit it. Do it for your skin and for the planet! By taking cold showers and becoming more mindful of your hot water usage, the impact of committing to Action 4 is roughly 145 kg of CO2. That is more than enough CO2 to fill a large living room from floor to ceiling!

Annual Savings:
145 kg CO2e
0.9% of your GHGs

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