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CarbonCurb Action 11
Only run full loads of laundry and always use cold water.


Water heating consumes most of the energy required to wash a load of laundry. Around half of Americans already wash their clothes using the cold water temperature setting on their machine. This is because washing your clothes in cold water saves energy and helps preserve the color and shape of your clothes. Additionally, many laundry detergent brands have been developed specifically for use in cold water and are less effective at higher temperatures. Incorporating this action into your life is as simple as making a conscious decision to push the right button on laundry day. While you're at it, go ahead and top off that washer to fully incorporate Action 11 into your life. Make sure everything you're washing is actually dirty. Many types of clothing, including jeans, can be worn multiple times before washing. By using cold water and consolidating your loads, you will save:

Annual Savings:
30 kg CO2e
0.2% of your emissions


Adopt Action 11:



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