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CarbonCurb Action 9
Unplug everything. Only plug things in while you use them.


Look around your home. Surely, there are lots of things that remain plugged into your walls 24/7/365.  Many electronic devices and appliances consume power even while they are switched off. This use of power when not in use is commonly referred to as standby power, but also referred to as phantom load, ghost load, or vampire load (because of the way they suck power). Some common types of devices that have a bad reputation for leeching power are devices with plug-in adapters, remote control devices, and devices with standby lights or clocks. Some more specific examples include cable/satellite boxes, video game consoles, DVD players, wireless routers, smart speakers, microwaves, washing machines, and more.  So how can you eradicate these leeches and vampires? You can save a month's worth of electricity by unplugging all of the appliances/devices around your home when not in use. If you'd like to make things easier, then you can invest in smart power strips to assist in reducing your standby load. You may be surprised how much you can save just by unplugging unused devices/appliances in your home. Doing this is well worth the effort. Energy is financially and climatologically expensive. Rather than thinking of Action 9 as an inconvenience, consider it a constant reminder of how expensive convenience can be, and how convenience-driven lifestyles often contribute greatly to GHG emissions. Either you put forth the effort, or you don't. How committed are you to curbing your emissions? The personal impact of eliminating your home's standby load is:

Annual Savings:
90 kg CO2e
0.6% of your emissions


Adopt Action 9:



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