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Reasons You Should Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

There is no better time to offset your carbon footprint than right now.

As time ticks on, and Earth’s average temperature creeps upward, ecosystems and social systems will become more and more stressed. And individuals like you, who are aware of this, know that it’s largely our (individuals with large carbon footprints) fault! To save our planet and all that reside on it, big changes must be made. If humans have the power to destroy forests and melt icebergs, they must also have the power to restore and heal, right?

We can restore this planet by reducing as much of our carbon emissions as we can and by offsetting the rest. This means we can compensate for our personal CO2 emissions by taking action that sequesters and reduces carbon. Yes indeed, we can erase the damage done by saving energy and fuel, planting trees, or by funding a carbon-offset project. Carbon offsetting can be our shortcut to becoming carbon neutral.

It is worth it to reduce and offset your own emissions, and here’s why!

It’s easy and simple.

Calculating and reducing your personal carbon emissions doesn’t have to be complicated! Leave it up to CarbonCurb to do the math for you. All you have to do is create a free profile and your green journey will be smooth sailing! Through CarbonCurb’s Actions, you can easily step your way to a much lower carbon footprint. We’ve got it all planned and laid out for you; all you have to do is follow along, one action at a time. After you’ve done what you can to reduce your footprint, then you will know what is leftover to offset.

It’s cost-effective.

A smaller carbon footprint is typically associated with a lower-cost lifestyle. When you make practical changes to your lifestyle to directly reduce your emissions, you are often cutting out expensive habits. Electricity, fuel, beef, and non-essential products are costly in terms of both carbon and cash. If the average American were to adopt all 30 CarbonCurb Actions, they would save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year, or more than enough to cover the cost of purchasing carbon offsets to eliminate the remainder of their personal emissions.

Time is running out and the health of the environment depends on your actions.

We are not very many years away from the catastrophic point that deems climate change irreversible. Some studies say it could even be as soon as the year 2027! If individuals and companies do their part to reduce their emissions, that terrifying point of no return could be extended. As for the emissions we cannot reduce; we must offset them!

It relieves you of anxiety and stress.

If you’re concerned about the environment and aren’t sure what you could do to help, offsetting your carbon footprint could mitigate your worries! By taking action, you’re playing a vital role in nurturing this planet and reversing climate change. You can feel good about making decisions that align with your values.

You will set a positive example for others.

The best way to influence others to take action for the environment is to lead by example. The more people we see reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint, the more likely the fire (but not wildfire) is going to catch!

It boosts carbon markets.

Carbon markets reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions by setting limits on how much an entity can emit and also by facilitating the voluntary purchase of offsets by individuals and organizations. Purchasing offsets increases the demand placed on these carbon markets, which then increases the value of the offsets. As the value of a carbon offset increases, more types of projects with amazing climate, environmental, and social benefits become feasible because they become cost-effective. These projects rely on the sale of offsets to be cost-effective.

It incentivizes you to reduce your footprint to reduce the cost of offsetting.

There is a cost to offsetting your emissions. To reduce that cost, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Then, you’ll have much less to offset! Funny how that works!

So, what are you waiting for? Go reduce and offset your carbon footprint!

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